Weekly Meal Plan & Workout Schedule


Happy Monday!

I’ve decided to dedicate my first post to fitness and nutrition because that’s how I like to start my week. On Sunday, I typically plan out my meals for the week and the workouts I want to get in. I then go grocery shopping and prep all of my meals for the week and make a heathy dessert to treat myself each night.

I’ve recently (by recently, I mean today) have started a new eating plan from Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat To Live. This book was introduced to me by my personal trainer after I expressed to her some of my frustrations with dieting and staying in shape. For a little background, I have always struggled with trying to lose weight and stay in shape and I have tried everything from Weight Watchers to counting macros. I determined that I need to be able to maintain a more realistic style of eating and something that will be attainable for the rest of my life. Thus leading me to the “Nutritarian Diet”. (I will do a post dedicated to the diet and how my first week goes!)

In terms of fitness, I try to change it up a little bit each week so I don’t get bored of doing the same thing. I need variety with my workouts in order to stay motivated. In May, I started working with a personal trainer, someone who I have known for awhile and she is amazing! It is by far the best workouts I have ever done. We meet once a week and I look forward to my session every week. The rest of the week, I incorporate cardio and strength, sometimes both in one day. For cardio I like to run, use the rowing machine and stair stepper. For strength, I recently found Alexia Clark’s Instagram account and subscribed to her workouts. She posts workouts on her website M-F and incorporates everything from full body, to legs, arms and a challenge day! I am also going to start incorporating yoga on Sunday because I definitely need to work on my flexibility!

That’s just a little bit about my fitness routine each week. Below I have outlined my exact meal plan for the week and workout schedule!

weekly meal plan

Weekly workout schedule

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